4 Steps To Heal Leaky Gut Fast – Stop Suffering!

leaky-gutLeaky gut is a condition where the tight junctures of your intestinal wall become larger due to inflammation, poor diet and medications.  These tight junctures keep unwanted food and particles out of your bloodstream and they only allow nutrients to pass through.  Once these tight junctures are no longer ‘tight’, food particles slip through these openings causing inflammation throughout the body.   Leaky gut is an emerging medical phenomenon, yet most doctors are not familiar with this common digestive ailment that is afflicting more and more people today.   I will outline 4 steps to heal leaky gut fast so you can strengthen your digestion, heal your stomach and feel better!

1.Identify Since there is no diagnostic test to pinpoint leaky gut, you need to know what the signs and symptoms are so you can start the healing journey. Localized symptoms: bloating, candida, diarrhea, gas and constipation.  General symptoms: chronic fatigue, food and seasonal allergies, arthritis and other joint pain, rashes and nutritional deficiencies. Brain symptoms: mood swings, brain fog, anxiety, depression. Severe symptoms: Chron’s disease, lupus, IBD, autoimmune diseases.

If you have any of these symptoms for a long period of time, it’s worth looking at Leaky Gut Syndrome.

 2. Calm and Remove  Calming inflammation is the first order of business.  Inflammation is what causes the tight junctures to become larger and more open allowing substances to pass through that should never have passed directly into your bloodstream.  Drink green juice powdersthey contain chlorophyll which is a very healing nutrient for the small intestine. Slippery Elm coats and protects the lining of the stomach.  Aloe Vera Juice can do for your gut what it does for your skin;  soothe and heal. Cabbage juice is calming for the gut walls.  Remove foods that trigger inflammation in the gut. Sugar, processed foods, gluten and artificial sweeteners. This is important to do or else you will continue to suffer from inflammation that triggers leaky gut.

3. Heal  After triggers are removed and healing nutrients and foods are added in, it’s time to start the healing process.  Drink a cup of bone broth every day. The benefits of bone broth cannot be overstated enough.  According to Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, healing and sealing your gut is important. Bone broth is easily digestible, heals the lining of the stomach and contains valuable nutrients.  l-glutamine is critical for healing Leaky Gut. Glutamine has been shown in studies to strengthen the mucosal lining of the stomach.  It’s the mucous lining that breaks down due to inflammation and contributes to Leaky Gut. The mucosal lining is where over 70% of our immune system is found and when that mucous lining is destroyed by inflammation, leaky gut is the result as well as the symptoms and diseases listed above. Omega 3 Fatty Acids have been shown to repair the lining of the intestinal walls as well as tighten the junctures of the lining so particles do not pass through.lemon-ginger-bone-broth-2

4. Strengthen  Once you have healed the junctures of the gut and improved inflammation, now it’s time to strengthen the lining of the gut and help it grow more friendly bacteria.  These beneficial bacteria strengthen our immune system and improve absorption of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.  Two of the most beneficial strains of friendly bacteria is lactobacilli and bifidobacteria.   Adding these probiotics is important to reinoculate the friendly bacteria that is so important for healthy digestion and a strong gut lining. Add in fermented foods like Kefir, sauerkraut, Kombucha and plain yogurt.  These foods contain prebiotic and probiotics that reinoculate friendly bacteria and deter the growth of bad bacteria.  Take a probiotic supplement with every meal until you start feeling better and then drop it to once a day or if you prefer, keep taking it 3 times a day. 

Going Forward

Maintaining gut health is so important for an overall healthy body and mind.  More and more studies are revealing the connection between good health and the health of our microbiome (gut bacteria).  From autoimmune diseases to mood disorders like depression, anxiety and other more severe mood disorders like schizophrenia are all linked to the health of our gut.  It’s paramount to continue eating whole foods while keeping sugar and processed foods out of our diet or to an absolute minimum.  Leaky gut is not well diagnosed so keeping on top of your health by keeping a journal can help you understand your body and how it reacts to trigger foods.  Doing this can help you fend off possible worse problems down the road.

In Conclusion

If you need more help or would like a structured program to get you on your way to better gut health, look into these quality programs.  These programs can give you a more in-depth look into the health of your gut and offer easy to follow recommendations so you can enjoy a lifetime of good gut health!

HEAL YOUR GUT PROGRAM  This program is a 7 day Heal Your Gut Program aimed at jumpstarting your diet to a healthy, gut friendly one.

Heal Your Gut Program


HEAL YOUR LEAKY GUT PROGRAM   This program is based on the success of people who have solved their Leaky Gut and gut issues.  A fantastic program!


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  1. Love your article about leaky gut and the steps to heal it. I have long suffered with gluten intolerances and these steps will help me get a better hold on my issues. I tend to ignore the fermented foods, but am reminded that I need to add some of that back into my diet.

    On a bonus, I am off to check out your Ratatouille recipe.. it looked delicious!

  2. I found this site looking for a problem I have. I could not find it on WebMD or any other associated medical site until I found this one. Leaky Gut is no joke and I went to my Doctor to get checked out. He said that is what I had. He also recommended Aloe Vera Juice. It worked well and I wanted to come back here and say thank you for leading me in the right direction to find out what was wrong with my stomach. I have saved your site in my favorites. Very much appreciated. God bless and have a wonderful day.

    Best wishes,

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