Dulse Flakes Health Benefits -4 Reasons To Try Them Today!

Dulse Flakes Health Benefits -3 Reasons To Try Them Today!


People hear the word seaweed and they get all bent out of shape. ‘Yuck’ is the term I often hear. I like to call them sea vegetables!  Sea vegetables are delicious and they have so many health benefits for you. Sea vegetables have been a staple in Japanese culture spanning hundreds of years and the Japanese are one of the most long-lived peoples in the world.  The ancient Chinese served them only to royalty, and considered a delicacy.  Dulse is a sea vegetable. Dulse flakes health benefits are many.  I hope this article will convince you to give them a try and especially if you suffer from any sort of gut health issues.

Dulse is red in color and has a salty flavor making it a great supplement to add to your cooking.  You can replace salt with it.

Ten Overall Health Benefits of Dulce Flakes

  1. High in vitamins and minerals like B6, B12, A, Iron, Potassium, Phosporus, Calcium and Manganese.
  2. Helps heal digestive conditions.
  3. Cleanses the body of heavy metals.
  4. Great for healthy thyroid function because it’s high in iodine.
  5. Lowers Cholesterol.
  6. Helps relieve menstrual symptoms.
  7. Controls the growth of bad bacteria, candida and viruses.
  8. Lowers blood pressure.
  9. Detoxify your body from heavy metals, environmental pollutants, and carcinogens.
  10. Has anti-inflammatory properties.

Sea vegetables are gaining in popularity in the United States but many are afraid of trying them.  This is partly due to fear of them and unfamiliarity.  Another reason is just not knowing how to incorporate them in your diet.

3 Great Benefits Of Dulse Flakes To Heal Your Gut

If you’re a reader of my blog, you know that we have trillions of bacteria in our gut and all over our body. Balance is the key when it comes to gut health.  A healthy gut has a 80/20 ratio of good to bad bacteria.  If this balance is off, you will suffer from many health issues ranging from allergies, digestive problems to other more severe diseases like autoimmune issues.  If you can believe it, we have 3 to 4.5 pounds of bacteria in the gut!  Within those numbers, there are 400 to 500 different species of bacteria. What causes gut bacteria to be imbalanced? Medications like antibiotics, OTC pain relievers, environmental pollution, chemicals and processed foods.  Our diet is a significant reason. So what can Dulse do for you?

  1. Replenish Iodine deficiency. Research has shown the many Americans are Iodine deficient. Being deficient in Iodine is a problem.  Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control suggest that some 2.2 million women nationwide could have low iodine.  Iodine plays a role in protecting against bad bacteria in the gut and helps fight infections in the gut that cause inflammation and digestive problems like SIBO and Leaky Gut.
  2. Improves the ratio of good to bad bacteria.  When your microbiome is balanced it works to combat obesity, IBD, IBS, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease and certain forms of cancer.
  3. Bind to heavy metals and eliminate them from the body.  Heavy metals block the absorption of nutrients in the stomach, creating free radicals and inflammation. Dulse binds to metals such as aluminum ,mercury, copper, and lead, carrying them all the way through the colon to be eliminated rather than being released back into the body.

Including Dulse in your diet is a very important and necessary nutrient if you’re looking to heal your digestive issues.  I can’t think of anything more powerful other than probiotics to make a difference in your health.

Making sure your Dulse comes from a reputable source is important, I recommend these brands.  I will be writing a review within the next week, so stay tuned for that! Changing Habits Dulse Flakes


I love to hear from my readers, please comment and I’ll get back to you!

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  1. Didn’t know seaweed had so many benefits. I’m one of those people who don’t know what to do with seaweed. I am looking forward for those reviews and I have no idea what brand to buy. If you could maybe share some recipes that would be great.

      1. My family has grown up with Dulse. We eat it many many ways. As a snack (replaces potato chips) oven baked with cheese grated on top, baked and using big strips for toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches, using the flakes on salads, sandwiches, soups, scrambled eggs, etc. Apparently you can make a delicious soup with it as well.

  2. Living in Okinawa, Japan, we have come to fall in love with all kinds of seaweed. I knew it was healthy but had no idea about the medicinal properties, thank you for pushing out this information. I think I’m going to the kitchen to get some now! Great stuff!!

  3. Thanks for this informative article. I didn’t know that Dulce flakes are critical to a healthy gut. I have brown rice cakes that I have some Dulce in them and they are pretty good but I don’t think they would give me these kinds of health benefits. Do you think that Chinese shops have these flakes? Is quality important?

  4. You are right seaweed is a term that makes you say “yuck” and sea vegetables sounds better, I have never had dulse flakes but now after reading you post, I want to try them out. I never knew that even a healthy gut had 80/20 ratio of good and bad bacteria, my gut’s good bacteria seems to lose the war these days because it is gradually losing its immune power and becoming vulnerable to digestion related problems, I am going to be a regular visitor now.

    1. Thanks for your reply Hari! Knowledge is power, right? It’s good to know, so you can make changes in your diet and spare yourself from unneeded suffering. Look forward to your visits and if you need any further information, feel free to ask!

  5. Hi! My family has been eating Dark Harbour Dulse for generations. We use the flakes, as well as the raw dried seaweed for everything from sandwiches, soups, eggs, burgers, salads, and as a snack replacing potato chips.
    Grew up loving it, and so do my kids.

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