Health Benefits of Infrared Sauna – Healing For Your Gut Too!

Saunas were invented in Finland and have been a way of life for over 2000 years. Suana means’Bath’ or ‘Bath House’. Heating and sweating the body was a way to keep clean in Nomadic times. Today, heating and sweating the body comes with a list of benefits to your health. Heat has a profound effect on your heart, brain and skin, and helps release heavy metal toxins from your body. Some studies have shown sweating to increase the excretion of hesauna-1avy metals such as cadmium, arsenic, lead, and mercury.  There are two types of saunas, wet heat and dry heat saunas. Wet heat uses water and heat to fill the room with humidity and steam.  Dry heat saunas do not produce humidity but heat the room and infrared heaters penetrate your body and can heat you at lower temperatures. There are amazing health benefits of infrared sauna and if you can afford one of your own or have access to one, using it 3 times a week will give you excellent results.

Why Infrared Saunas?

The sun’s infrared rays and heat protect our body and it helps with the elimination of disease.  Infrared rays are the safest rays of the sun and provide healing energy.  Vitamin D is known as the sunshine vitamin because our bodies convert the sun’s rays into a usable form of vitamin D. Food is a poor source of vitamin D, so getting sunshine is critical.  Far Infrared Saunas can provide many of the benefits of the sun, such as vitamin D, increased blood flow and therefore oxygen, which can really help the healing process. Far Infrared heat can penetrate up to 3 inches into the body.  When warming the body at the cellular level with infrared saunas, muscles and joints can heal. Arteries and veins will also warm due to the muscle warming and an increase in circulation will benefit the whole body.

  • Studies have shown that regular sauna use reduces the risk of death from any cause, including heart disease.
  • Toxins are flushed from the body in a greater amount with an infrared sauna.  Because the heat penetrates at the cellular level,  the sweating is deeper and more profuse allowing your body to excrete more of a toxic load than with a conventional sauna.
  • Can provide muscle pain relief as well as arthritis and joint pain.
  • Can lower blood pressure through better circulation due to the warming and relaxation of muscles, veins and arteries.
  • Cut a cold or flu off at the pass.  Better circulation means higher white blood cell production that helps with strengthening your immune system to fend off invaders.
  • There is some evidence to suggest that infrared sauna, because of their ability to penetrate the skin more deeply, increase metabolic rate and can help the body burn off anywhere from 200 – 600 calories in a half hour session.
  • Infrared saunas are also much more comfortable than dry heat saunas. You’ll sweat more, but at lower temperatures which makes the experience more comfortable for you. Having a more comfortable experience is extremely important to those going through a healing event and can stay in the sauna for a therapeutic period of time without having to shorten the time in the sauna.
  • Infrared saunas can accelerate cell death of organisms such as mold, yeast, fungus, viruses, bacteria and cancer. infrared5

How Infrared Saunas Help With Gut Health

  • For leaky gut, increased circulation throughout the body via infrared heat results in improving the blood supply to the gut and the intestinal lining as well.  Improved blood flow delivers essential nutrients to promote healing and repairing the intestinal lining. Improved blood supply delivers essential nutrients and promotes repair and healing of the intestinal lining.
  • Chronic infections or bouts of SIBO contribute to gut permeability which results in a higher core body temperature.  Infrared sauna use helps restore the body temperature to the normal operating range. With this return to a more normal operating temperature, there is a resulting improvement in immune function and the endless bouts of infection can start to ease off.


Some newer electronic saunas emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation, make sure the model you purchase has low levels like Golden Designs.

Drink plenty of water in a sauna especially after a hard workout.  Dehydration can sauna1be a real issue.

I highly recommend you purchase your own sauna, but if that’s not possible, make sure the gym or facility you are using has very strict cleaning protocols.

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  1. Well I never! That is amazing that infrared sauna is good for your gut. I never knew that and will enjoy my saunas even more now that I know the health benefits. 🙂
    How long do I need to keep it up to get a healthy gut?

  2. Infrared saunas. I would be happy with just a regular one. But that all makes sense. Now to find close to home. gut health is of course very important but I am liking the idea of an infra red for all of those reasons. Thanks for sharing that. I learn something new every day from WA.

  3. Hello,

    This is a great article. I had no idea that Infrared Saunas can help with a myriad of health issues. I’m particularly interested in Infrared Saunas for their ability to relieve muscle pain and also increase metabolic rate. I have severe aches and pains in my back and in my shoulder, and I’m wondering if the IR Sauna would be helpful. Can a person really burn 200-600 calories in a 1/2 hour session? Is the weight lost mostly in the form of water weight? Also, given the fact that you are exposing yourself to radiation, are IR saunas really safe for the skin?

    1. Hi Mark, great questions. Infrared rays are not the kind of radiation that is harmful. Infrared rays are good for the body and the skin because the infrared rays are the therapeutic rays. They are the ones that help the body metabolize and convert to vitamin D. A nutrient very much needed and not readily absorbable from food. The weight that you lose is fat because of the effect on the metabolism of the body. When you take a sauna, you need to drink before, during and after, so water weight is not what you will be losing. I’ll be writing more articles on the benefits of saunas. Be on the lookout!

  4. Didn’t know infrared saunas could be helpful to health. To tell you the truth I am a little afraid to use these since they could emit high levels of electromagnetic radiation which could give you cancer I believe. You mention to make sure when purchasing or using a facility that they have low levels of radiation but what is considered low level? Are infrared sauna facilities regulated?

    1. Excellent questions Dira. You are very right about infrared saunas emitting extra electromagnetic fields. In my post I alerted readers to make sure that the type they use or purchase has little to none. Infrared sauna facilities are not regulated by any authoritative body, it’s up to the consumer to do their due diligence. For instance a low quality sauna will emit anything over 50 Ml’s of EMF a high quality will have zero. An example of a high quality sauna from Amazon.

  5. Thanks for the great article! As someone who has dealt with SIBO, I started infrared sauna a few months ago and my healing was quicker. I felt so much better! I need to sauna more regularly since my city has many of these places and I do feel better and sleep more deeply when I do them.

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