How Does a Diffuser Work?

How Does a Diffuser Work – Quality Matters!

So you purchase top quality essential oils to help with natural healing for a range of conditions and then you buy a cheap diffuser for aromatherapy.  Some diffusers release essential oils into a small area around the diffuser and you’ll never get the benefits unless you sit within two feet of it.  Some diffusers lack the ability to actually diffuse the oils. Others are so poorly made that they break down and you end up paying more money in the end. So, how does a diffuser work and why does it matter?

How does a diffuser work

What Is The Purpose Of A Diffuser?

Essential oil diffusers are specifically designed to break the essential oil into small particles and disperse it into the air where you breathe in the particles for a therapeutic affect.  Using the highest quality essential oils is critical as you are breathing the particles into your lungs.  Using the highest quality diffusers is critical as well. To learn more about quality essential oils, read here.

For therapeutic value the best diffusers are:

Ultrasonic diffusers creates a fine mist with the addition of water into the air.

Nebulizing diffusers – does not use water. The diffuser breaks up the oils into small molecules and is released into the air.  This diffuser has the most therapeutic value.

Any other type of diffuser may be enjoyable to use, but does not offer any real therapeutic value, stick with the ultrasonic and the nebulizing.

Review of Diffuser World Aroma-Ace and Aroma Sens Diffusers

About Diffuser World –  Earl Sevy is the inventor of Diffuser World cold air diffusers.  Since 1999, he has been perfecting the essential oil diffuser.  Since then, the Aroma-Ace™ Cold Air Atomizing Diffuser took the industry by storm. More of these atomizing diffusers have been sold than all of the other products combined in years prior to its release.  The Aroma-Ace™ continues to be the number one seller in the world, and it’s easy to see why.  Their diffusers are built with sound construction and quality materials. If one breaks down, they are quick to repair or replace.  This is a company that focuses on one thing and that is essential oil diffusers.  Making an investment in your health with a Diffuser World diffuser is a smart choice.

  1. The Aroma-Ace essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser  aroma ace1

Is a powerful, compact, and easy to use essential oil diffuser system for aromatherapy. It has a unique design and one of the best diffusers for essential oils.  It works by using a pump to atomize the essential oil into a fine mist. The resulting particles are tiny enough that they will remain suspended in the air for a several hours after the diffuser is turned off. This makes them useful for “cleaning” the air of germs and for respiratory support. Since these particles remain in the air for hours, they remain intact and can also combat viruses, bacteria, mold, pests and odors.  Unlike most diffusers which require you to place drops of oil into the appliance, with Aroma-Ace you can connect a bottle of oil directly to the unit. This makes changing oils easy and mess free, so there is no need to use droppers or accidentally get oil on your skin while refilling, and is economical since you are using every last drop in the bottle.

Other Advantages of Aroma-Ace over other diffusers

  • There are no glass parts to break (or clean).
  • As a nebulizer, it uses pure essential oils. This is more therapeutic as the oils are not diluted in water.
  • No heat is applied to the oils. Cold diffusion maintains the oil’s natural state, whereas heat can alter an oil’s properties due to uneven evaporation of its component molecules.
  • Covers a large area—1000-1500 sq. ft means this one unit will cover most of your house.
  • The three controls on this device are for output, rest time, and run time. The latter two controls allow you to diffuse oils intermittently. Since this diffuses undiluted oils it is important to only run your diffuser for 10-15 minutes a couple times a day.
  • Diffuser World manufactures these in the USA and offers a 5 year warranty on this product, which is amazing for a small appliance such as this.
  • A built in air filter removes dust
  • The Aroma-Ace has built in on/off timers and output volume control for easy adjustment

If you are looking for a nebulizer, this unit has several features that will make it your top choice diffuser. It is sturdy, requires minimal maintenance, has fantastic coverage and a built in timer.  I can’t say enough good things about this diffuser.  Again, if you are looking for a therapeutic diffuser, this can’t be beat.

      2)  AromaSens Vaporizing Diffuseraromasens

The most efficient form of diffusion! Unlike essential oil burners and heaters, AromaSens diffuser uses ultrasonic technology which converts the oil and water under high frequency vibration into a fine cool mist. The mist is then diffused throughout the entire room creating a natural spa-like atmosphere. No heat, no chemicals or pump needed. The AromaSens Ultrasonic Aromatherapy water diffuser is easy to use, safe and silent. The AromaSens comes complete with a calming light that can be turned off at any time. It offers high or low output, continuous run time, or run shut off after one or two hours. A digital sensor automatically powers off the unit when water level drops too low.

Distinguishing features of AromaSens over other brands

  • Safer, silent, effective and economical
  • It is not too heavy in weight and low power consumption
  • Essential oils can be added directly to the unit
  • 3 timer settings and 2 fan settings
  • Once filled, unit can operate for up to 3.5 hours
  • Digitally programmed to stop automatically when the minimum water level is reached
  • Can be used as a nebulizer, humidifier or air purifier
  • Best quality for less price

Check out Diffuser World’s other high quality diffusers for all budgets.
Click here to visit Diffuser World Inc

In conclusion, purchasing a high quality diffuser that will offer you the best therapeutic uses for your essential oils is an investment in your health.  If you truly want to get the amazing health benefits of your expensive and high quality oils, then purchasing a high quality diffuser is essential. Please leave a comment!  I love to hear from my readers.

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  1. Hi Linda, Thanks for the post. I agree that using essential Oils for natural healing is one of the best things to do. I use Breathe Easy to clear my sinuses. I use a diffuser but I am no expert on oils and diffusers so I took the one with best reviews.
    I am using a lot of essential oils these days because I have fallen in love with the different fragrance.
    Does it matter the kind of diffuser one uses?
    Your post is informative, as I read I learn more about essential oils.
    Good Read

  2. Linda,
    Thank you for all that information on diffusers. I clearly only thought they were for scent, I never realized that they actually work on healing the body. I may need to look further into a purchase of one.

  3. Very good information here! Thank you for breaking it down on what to look for with the diffuser. As they say, you get what you pay for, so why not do it right the first time!
    Heading in to read about the best choices for quality oils, I’m just getting started with them myself!
    Thanks Linda!

  4. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for the post. I have never used a Diffuser. I do have a question. I have 3 people in my home that is very sensitive to high perfumed smells. I have to use non-fragrant soap, detergents, and other household products. Is there a scent you recommend?

    1. Hi Reggie, essential oils are not perfumes or chemical scents. They are natural oils extracted from the leaves, pulp, skins or bark of fruits, herbs, plants and trees. So for example, lemon is extracted from the skin of lemons and distilled to result in lemon essential oil. Basic oils are lavender, lemon, citrus, peppermint, tea tree etc and they are basic enough for the beginner, but they are fantastic for their healing potential. Harmonious Minds makes a great product that is also economical.

  5. I really liked that AromaSens Vaporizing Diffuser is silent. I just hate noises while I am working or doing anything. I just can’t tolerate it.
    Do you think does it spend too much energy? I try lowering my electricity bill these days.

    1. Hi Furkan, the amount of energy is lower than other appliances in your house and shouldn’t make a big difference if any in your energy bill. Also, I would unplug it when not in use and use it in the morning. Since these diffusers break the particles down so very small, they stay in the air for hours, so you can set the diffuser in the morning and then stop, and have the benefits all day, then run it again near dinner and at night.

  6. Very interesting article on diffuser’s and essential oils, I have been considering purchasing this type of product for my home.

    What type would you recommend, I have a lot of allergies and I am concerned about being allergic to these oils. Are these oils bothersome to people with allergies, maybe you could recommend the best oils which are less allergy prone to people?

    1. Hi Jeffrey, people can be allergic to most anything, so I would start very slowly when introducing on the skin. In fact, watering the oil down may be necessary if you’re not sure and want to be super careful. The vast majority of allergens are protein or polypeptide in nature and essential oils do not contain any of these as they are removed during the distillation period, that’s why many say it’s impossible to be allergic to essential oils. But that doesn’t mean you may not have an allergy to the phenols in them (risk is lower, but there) So stay away from:

      CloveFennelBasilCypressClary Sage

      Also oxidized oils can cause reaction so make sure your oils are stored in a glass, amber container and do not keep for over two years.

  7. Hi Linda after reading this article I can see why it would be better to have a high quality diffuser. I was surprised that the Aroma-Aceâ„¢ Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser 110V US could cover such a large area. I was wondering though when using a diffuser is it safe to use around animals especially birds?

    1. Excellent question Maureen! Essential oils are generally safe to use with animals, but you would have to check with your vet for using them with cats. All animals can be sensitive to essential oils, so it’s always good to check with your vet, and always use the highest quality oil you can purchase because any contaminants will also be concentrated. Now for birds, interestingly enough, essential oils are contained in the leaves, flowers, bark, seeds, and rinds of many plants, so birds are CONSTANTLY exposed to essential oils as they climb, forage, play, and fly in their wild environment. But always check with your vet for specific essential oil usage.

  8. I really think the recommendation is very thorough and helpful. Like you said, there are so many products out there that seem to be the same but it is only hype. I am glad you took the time to write such detailed review to help others wanting to get this kind of product.

    1. Thank you for your comment Liliana! I really don’t think people think twice about what kind of essential oil diffuser they use. So I’m glad to alert people to the necessity of getting a quality one. Especially when you buy the best oils.

  9. Hello here. Thanks for introducing diffuser for essential oils, it is great when rooms smell nicely and give the sense of relaxation and balance.
    I like that there are no heat involved. Oils are sensitive to heat. The quality can be lowered if the temperature is higher.
    The area where oils can be spread is really wide.
    Overall, your listed benefits are impressive. I must to check these devices out because I use essential oils time from time.
    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    1. Thanks for your response Nemira! I never gave much thought to the diffuser before either. I focused on the quality of the oils, but now I know how critical it is to have the best diffuser to actually release the best the oils have to offer.

  10. Diffusers are wonderful! I have two ultrasonic and one nebulizing diffuser in my home. I use them every day! Thanks for the reviews on the two different diffusers. I’ll have to check them out. But do you find diffusers go through too much essential oil when you connect the bottle directly? That’s what I’d be afraid of.

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