Stomach Bloating Remedies

Natural Stomach Bloating Remedies

That uncomfortable feeling of a protruding belly can be caused by many dietary factors, but thankfully bloating is usually not a serious condition.  If bloating accompanies other symptoms such as pain, fever, blood in the stool, irregular periods, swollen lymph nodes or unexplained weight loss, a doctor’s visit is in order.  You may be surprised to know that there is natural stomach bloating remedies that can resolve your issues without resorting to over the counter medications.

Contrary to what you might think, bloating is not caused by excess fluid in the stomach like water. Fluids don’t ‘collect’ in your stomach. If you are retaining fluid, the fluid buildup is generally around the stomach, extremities, and joints.

Barring fluid retention due to other issues, generally bloating is a problem with digestion. Excessive gas is the main cause of bloating.  Excessive gas can come from:

Inadequate protein digestion.  Strong stomach acid is needed to break down the tangled web of amino acids in meat protein.  Many people suffer from low stomach acid. If you cannot digest protein adequately, it goes through the digestive tract without the absorption of minerals like iron.






Inability to digest starches and sugar.  Your body has to make the enzymes needed to break down starches and sugar. Most people do not eat enough whole fruits and vegetables which contain natural enzymes that help digest the food. If you cannot digest your starches, bloating is a result.


Imbalance of gut bacteria. Our stomach is home to both good and bad bacteria.  If you have an imbalance of bad bacteria vs. good bacteria.  Gas and bloating can be the result.

gut bacteria 1

I’m sure you’ve heard of probiotics and how wonderful they are for gut health.  Probiotics are a great digestive remedy, but if you are experiencing gas and bloating then jumping on the probiotic train may NOT be the best thing for you right away. Adding more bacteria to a stomach already overabundant in bacteria may exacerbate the condition rather than fix it.  

My favorite gas and bloating remedies.

1.Gaia Herbs Gas and Bloating and Heather’s Tummy Tamers:  Peppermint, ginger, and fennel help the stomach release trapped gas and relax the muscle wall of the intestines.  Activated charcoal helps absorb the excess gas in the gut.  Take these supplements in between meals and away from other supplements or medication. Charcoal binds to other nutrients and you don’t want to not absorb essential nutrients.

2. Renew Life’s “Digest More and Enzymedica’s “Digest” Digestive enzymes are needed to digest food thoroughly for maximum absorption of nutrients. Inflammation due to poor diet, excessive sugar, starch intake, and medicines can deplete enzyme secretions.  If food is slow to be digested or remains semi-digested, gas and bloating are the result.  These products assist the body with enzymes so food can be digested and move along the digestive tract.  Take them with meals.

3. Something so simple yet not heeded due to our hectic lifestyle is slow, conscious and mindful eating. When we chew our food thoroughly, digestive secretions start forming. Saliva is the first enzyme that starts the digestion process.  Being mindful of taking each bite, chewing thoroughly and swallowing is so very important to avoid gas and bloating. When we eat hurriedly, half chew our food and swallow without thinking, we are taking in excess gas and not allowing our body to produce the necessary enzymes.  Then, not chewing thoroughly results in large pieces of unchewed food into our stomach.  Our stomach has to work extra hard to break down the food resulting in gas and bloating.

4. Lastly, grazing all day. Many people are literally eating all day. Some people always have a snack handy to munch on.  The digestive system needs to rebalance bacteria by not having food in the stomach all day. When there is food in the stomach that is being digested all day long, the stomach cannot work as efficiently leading to gas and bloating.

These are simple remedies that can make a profound difference in your gas and bloating issues.

In conclusion, bloating is not caused by excess water in the stomach but mainly from gas. Gas is caused by inadequate digestion of proteins, starches, and fats.  It can also be caused by lack of eating hygiene, such as eating too fast and not chewing food thoroughly.  Snacking all day doesn’t allow the stomach to naturally cleanse itself when food is not in the stomach. Low stomach acid is usually the culprit when not able to digest food properly.

If you’d like to know whether or not low stomach acid is a cause of your gas and bloating, try these simple tests here.
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  1. Great article. I have to remember to slow down when eating. We are so busy in our lives now days and everything is a rush. I just started taking probiotics this year and I’m not sure I’m seeing results. I may start implementing some natural remedies as you suggested.

  2. Thank you, Linda, for that very informative information. I hate the big tummy in the evening after eating dinner. Your pic is so perfect! Nothing like feeling 6 months pregnant! I have been eating less red meat and more salad and chicken even avoiding the potato and it does help a bit. I am going to check out your suggestions as it really is uncomfortable. If you have a gluten issue or dairy issues could this also be a factor? It seems to run in my family and wouldn’t you know it…a love for bread!! Sourdough I heard is better than most but not sure. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

    1. Hi Merry, oh yes, gluten is one of the biggest triggers of gas and bloating along with other food sensitivities. I would do an elimination of gluten and dairy for at least two weeks and see if you notice any changes. If you do, continue for another two weeks, and the reassess. You may find your issues have gone away. If not, I recommend IgG food sensitivity testing to see what is specifically bothering you. Also, I really recommend this webinar for some more great info!

  3. Thanks for your article, it’s very interesting and gave me some thoughts on things to look into when I’m not feeling so hot. Out of curiosity, how do you end up with an imbalance of gut bacteria? Is this based on diet or is something larger at work? Is there an easy way to determine if this might be a problem I have?

    1. Hi Craig, If you have symptoms of gas, bloating, pain and diarrhea, there is a good chance you are having an imbalance of gut bacteria or leaky gut as well. Our American diet causes an imbalance of gut bacteria when we eat sugar and simple carbs. Certain bacteria is in our gut and feeds on different things. Some bacteria feed on fiber, inulin in plants, other’s feed on starches and sugars (natural). When our diet is imbalanced with eating too much sugar, the bacteria that feed off of sugar become more prevalent and cause imbalances and problems.

  4. Hello Linda, the picture is so hilarious it kinda grabs my attention to read more. At the end of the day with all the bloating, I feel the same haha hiding my tummy, trying to make it look slim and attractive. Its a very common issue and nice to read something helpful on this. Who has not had bloating after all? The products seem interesting, I have never tried any product with the bloating problem but I will consider this one. Thank you for sharing.


    1. Hi Raman! Glad the picture brought a laugh. Sometimes it’s all we can do! If you try the supplements, let me know how you like them. My clients say they are the one thing that brings relief.

  5. Hey Linda,

    Stomach bloating can be very annoying for sure.
    I’ve experienced that many times, especially when I eat too much at feasts.
    That is why it is so good to know what helps in such cases.
    Enzymedica’s “Digest looks like a great remedy.
    Does it have side effects?

  6. Great information. I had no idea of these ways to prevent bloating. I have excess stomach acid and it makes me nauseous. Fortunately I am on medication for it. Do you think any of your ideas would help? Thanks for the information.

    1. Hi Bill, most certainly you can find a natural remedy for your overproduction of stomach acid. How did your doctor determine this? Did he run a test to find out? If you truly have excess stomach acid, which is not common at all, most people suffer from low stomach acid, there are ways to treat that naturally to calm the overproduction of acid. I will write an article on too much acid production and share it with you. Coming soon!

  7. Thank you so much Linda for all this important information!!
    Most of the websites are full of supplements solutions and only a few are talking seriously about natural relief.

    Great reading, really useful tips! Thanks again for sharing

    1. You are welcome! What I’m about is looking for root causes of digestive issues so they can be ultimately handled with proper diet. Supplements to address symptoms is the same thing as throwing a medicine at it. While supplements have their uses and can help naturally while healing, we don’t want to get into the trap of replacing drugs for supplements. Thanks so much for bringing up that important fact!

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